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18BL - Bergisches Land - now available

This game is based on 1830 but has a number of new features which will make it to a stand-alone game. There are 6 private companies which will be auctioned in 1830 style. Thereafter 8 railway corporations can be founded. The special features of 18BL are the railbusses which can be used as an alternative of the normal trains. The railbusses reflect the passenger traffic in the countryside area of the region Bergisches Land where the use of normal trains was not profitable. The challenge of 18BL is to find the right mix of normal trains and railbusses in relation to the available railway net and the connected cities and towns. Railway corporations may split their income , pay 75% as dividend and keep 25% for their treasury. Regardless the savings the stock value will increase if the total dividend paid is at least 150% of the current stock value.


1895 Dividend Pay-out Calculation Sheet - now available

For each of the dividend pay-outs from 20 to 990 this sheet contains the applicable dividend for every certificate portion from 10 to 90%. Using this sheet will avoid a lot of mental calculation and henceforth will reduce playing time by about 10%. There is also a second advantage. With an additional token per corporation one can document the latest income of each corpororation. During a stock round this will help to make the right decession which certificates are best being purchased. Last not least towards the end of the game when only little changes take place a director does not need to recalculate the income of corporation completely new but adjust the previous amount by any countable changes.

The Dividend Pay-out Calculation Sheet can be used for all 18xx-games. Marflow Games will provide additional tokens on request. Price depends on number of tokens and whether the tokens are plain or with lable.

1842, 1881, 18NL and 18SA already contain the additional tokens needed for the calculation sheet.



1895 Namibia - Version 2.0

Due to the considerable changes of vs the preciding game, test play turned out to be more time consuming than anticipated. In addition the name of the new game will be changed to Namibian Railways.


Namibian Railways - available June 2019

The game is set in the south-west of Africa in Namibia. The game starts at the time when this area has been a German colony, hence the German names of the railway corporation of the game. 1895 Namibia has been developed especially for three players. The game starts with the auction of the single Private Company. After this the obligations of the railway corporations and the two private mines will be auctioned based on player’s decisions. The obligation provides the owner the priority right to purchase the director share of the corresponding railway corporation. In addition the owner receives a gratis certificate when the railway corporation has been linked to a certain destination. The two private mining companies will be converted into mining corporations. They need to buy mining equipment which is on the back of the train cards. So both railway and mining corporations compete for the same capital expenditure cards as the train cards will be renamed (something similar to those in 18Ruhr). A further improvement vs 1895 Namibia is the introduction of another railway corporation. The game is now suitalbe for 3 to 4 players. The cost for building track on difficult terrain has bee reduced as well and there are new tile available. Both gives player more choises of track building.

The games focus is on the players’ decisions about the bid for what obligation, the setting of the starting value when floating a corporation and the timing of buying another train. There are 9 types of trains in the game of which only 3 are permanent!


18DO-Dortmund - presumably as Kickstarter in 2019

Initially planned as an 18Ruhr extension it has become a new game. The map has been reduced by 40% and shows now Dortmund and its surroundings only. As Dortmund is also wel-lknown for its brewery industry this has been added to the game which has the subtitle "Heat, Sweat & Beers". All players start with a private brewery (minor company). The MONTAN companies have been limited to a passive function. The new features is the beer market for which the brewery produce and deliver. The basic demand of the beer market will be increased during the course of the game each time the location of a MONTAN company has been linked to the railway net by a railway corporation. The link to the railway network reflects the possibilities for the MONTAN companies to grow and employ more workforce. The latter inevitably leads to a higher demand for beer. The equipment for the breweries is on the backside of the Capex cards. In order to acquire the latest most competitive equipment a private brewery may be forced to be converted into a brewery corporation in order to generate additional treasury. During the brown phase the railway companies will transport beer to the off-board destinations which will increase the breweries' income over proportionally. Therefore one has to have the late phase of the game in focus.



1876 Trinidad - Version 2.0 - presumably published first quarter 2019

Marflow games received the permission of the author to republish this classic 18xx. The game will be based on the version published by Chris Lawson and will also contain the additional fourth railway corporation once published in the Railgamer magazine. It is also planned to issue new variants for the 12 hex map with rules of other 18xx games published by Marflow Games .



18BS - Baltic Sea - presumably published in 2020

This game is based on an idea for the author of 1893 Cologne, Edwin Eckert. The map shows the Baltic Sea with all adjacent countries. There is one railway corporation per country. which represents the national railway company. The preceding railway companies are represented as private companies with special functions. One of unique feature of 18BS are the railway ferries which can transport trains via the Baltic Sea. As in real history these ferries will be owned by the railway corporations.The other unique feature is the two different gauges , one for the eastern part of the map (the Russian wide gauge) and one for the western part (the European standard gauge). The gauge for each railway corporation is determined. Therefore they can only operate either on the eastern or the western part of the map. This limitation will cease at a certain phase when gauge change devices can be acquired.

The publishing date has been postponed again due to work on 18BL-Bergisches Land and 18DO-Dortmund.


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