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1895 Namibia - available June 2017

The game is set in the south-west of Africa in Namibia. The game starts at the time when this area has been a German colony, hence the German names of the railway corporation of the game. 1895 Namibia has been developed especially for three players. The game starts with the auction of the single Private Company. After this the obligations of the railway corporations will be auctioned based on player’s decisions. The obligation provides the owner the priority right to purchase the director share of the corresponding railway corporation. In addition the owner receives a gratis certificate when the railway corporation has been linked to a certain destination.

The games focus is on the players’ decisions about the bid for what obligation, the setting of the starting value when floating a corporation and the timing of buying another train. There are 9 types of trains in the game of which only 3 are permanent!



1873 - Harzbahn - available August 2017


The game is set in the center of Germany in the region of the Harz Mountains. There are 15 mines in the game which act as minor companies. It is essential that the locations of the mines are linked to the railway net by one of the seven railway corporations in order to expand. From the green phase onwards the minor mine companies may be used to form industry corporations. Other mine companies may later merge with existing industry corporations and enables them to issue new shares which will bring fresh capital for investment.

Due to the different industries (railway and mines) combined with a shared resource for new equipment 1873 Harz is a real challenge for experienced 18xx players.


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