Short Description of the 18xx Games

All games come with English rules and English text on the game components.




1842 - Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein

Mixture of 1835 and 1830 for 3 to 6 players.


18SX - Saxony

A game with a lot of unique features. For track construction players have the choice between single and double track. Single track is faster to build but income will be smaller. All companies start as 5-share corporations and may be upgraded to 10-share corporations or may be merged with the Saxon State line. Designed for 3 to 7 players.


18Rhl - Rhineland

The game is based on 1830 but in a mitigated form. The private companies auctioned at the start of the game may not be sold to the corporations. Instead the owning player may use their special abilities when acting as a Director of a corporation. At the start the location of one steel mill and one coal mine will be randomly choosen. As these two locations will have an effect on the routes' incomes, every game has a slightly different challenge. For 3 to 6 players.



In addition to the railway companies there are also steel mills and coal mines (MONTAN companies) which will be actively managed by players. Both types of companies use the same Capex Cards , which have replaced the train cards, for their investments. There are 18 different MONTAN companies of which 8 will become active MONTAN companies. For their selection 5 scenarios have been provided. For 3 to 6 players.


1873 Harzbahn

This game has a lot of unique features. In addition to the railways there are mines which represent minor comanies . Later in the game the mines will be merged into corporations. The railways enter the game in a certain order. However when once floated they build directly their concession route. Trains do not have a maximum route length. Instead their type number indicates the number of seperate routes each train can run. There is also a lot of room for interaction between the railway companies and the mines.


18EC - USA East Coast

Based on 1830 the game has an interesting new feature, the mail contracts. They grant an additional income for the owning corporation's treasury. 3 to 6 players try to handle the 9 corporations.




Where 18EC does end 1869-West starts. From the Mississippi to the West Coast. Allan R. Moons classic 18xx-game for the first time available as RTP version. For 3 to 8 players.


1893 - Cologne

As in 1835 the game starts with the sale of the small companies. But unlike 1835 the starting value of the corporations may be chosen by the players. All trains are eligible for trade-in. 2 to 4 players have to choose the right time when to reinvest in new equipment.


1847 - Pfalz Anniversary Edition

25 years ago the first version of 1847 had been developed. It based on 1835 and had been designed for 3 players. The game was provided as a game kit for all who are interested. The game kit contained the map, the shares, the train cards and station markers. Everything else had to be taken from a copy of 1835. Over the years new versions had been developed with updated maps and expansions for 4 and 5 players, which eventually were available as RTP versions only.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary 1847 has been redesigned again. The map has increased slightly and there is another railway corporation as new private companies. The Anniversary Edition will contain both, the old “Standard” version as well as the new Anniversary version and tow variants.


18Ruhr - Expansion

An overlay will be split the map into two maps, one covers the Western Ruhr area and the other the Eastern Ruhr area. The game can now be played on each of these new maps in a shorter time. For each of the new maps there is an additional game material which can be also used for the full map.


18SA - South America

The game covers the whole South American subcontinent. There are six private companies and eleven corporations. Beside the 26 cities (no towns!) there are three mines. The latter can only be used with goods trains. When buying a train the director has to select either a passenger train or a goods train. The same applies to the stations which are either for passengers or for goods.



1881 Berlin

This game features the development of the tramway/trolley car net in Berlin. The game starts with the bidding for the seating position. In the first stock round each player buys up to four stock certificates during her/his first turn. Track laying costs are high but there is a compensation for connecting town quarters which are a long distance from the Berlin town center. Route length of the trams is determined by number of stations whereas whistle stops do not count but generate income.


18NL - Nederland

A classic 1830 game . But the relatively small map of the Netherlands and the nine corporations are a real challange for experienced players to build a profitable net work for the corporations.


1842 - Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein - new version 4.0

The game has been reworked. There are slight changes on the map and contains a table for indicating the corporations' income. In addition theres is now a grey phase. For owner of version 3.0 to 3.3 an upgrade kit is available.


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