1847 AE

1847 AE - Pfalz


Wolfram Janich

Release Date



Pfalz Palatinate


9 (Starting Package

Minor Companies





62 hexes ( 83 total)


Three Steps


8.000 Mark

Tile Colors

yellow, green, brown

Stock Market



1847 AE is set in the south western area of Germany. It covers an area which was ruled at the time by three German states, Bavaria, Prussia and Hessen-Darmstadt. The hexes of the Prussian territory are shown on map in pale red those of Bavaria in light blue while the Hessen-Darmstadt hexes are light green. The Bavarian area is called „the Pfalz” and hence the Bavarian railways are reverenced to as Pfalzbahnen (Pfalz railways). The first edition of 1847 (1847 Pfalz) has been developed in 1990 as had been especially designed for three players. Over the years another railway corporation has been introduced and the game was then suitable for up to 5 players.

For the 25th anniversary in 2015 1847 Pfalz has been redesigned and will include seventh Railway Corporation now. 1847 AE includes also the old 1847 Pfalz and 1847 RRRR&B. The rules are basically the same as for 1835 Germany.

Short Games Description

1847 AE is based on 1835. In the Starting Package there are 9 Private Companies and the Director share of the first Railway Corporation. There are different types of Private Companies. Four represent quarries which have been owned historically by the Railway Corporations. These quarries may be sold to the Railway Corporations which can use the special abilities of the quarries. A second group cannot be sold to Railway Corporations but will be exchanged against Investor shares. The Investor shares count as sold shares for purpose of floatation of a Railway Corporation. Another Private, the Locomotive Firm Krauss & Co., is quite unique. The revenue depends on the new trains purchased by the Railway Corporation. It has a stock market value which will be changed according to the revenue. The Krauss & Co. may be sold to the Bank Pool.

As in 1835 the Railway Corporations have a fixed starting value and being floated when 50% of its shares have been sold. Shares in the Bank Pool pay dividends into the Companies treasury. Income of the Railway Corporations has three sources. One is derived from the routes of their trains. The second source is bonuses when running special connections. Both of these incomes will be pay out as dividends of withhold completely. The third source are the revenue from the owned Private Companies which is always going to the Corporations’ treasury.

The trains are similar to 1835, standard trains and “+”-trains, but the first train is a “3”-train which will make the game playtime shorter. The “+”-trains count the towns separately from the cities for their route length and generate a higher income compared to the standard trains.

A player owning 70% or more of a Railway Corporation may “nationalize” this Corporation. This player is entitled to purchase shares of that Corporation from other players at 150% of the stock value. The player whose shares are being sold cannot refuse the purchase.