18Ruhr Version 2


Wolfram Janich /

Michael Scharf

Release Date



Germany (Ruhr Area)


4 (Starting Package)

Minor Companies

8 (Starting Package)



Map Size

110 hexes ( 131 total)


Two steps


13,000 Mark

Tile colors

yellow, green, brown, gray

Stock Market

1D (lineear)

18Ruhr Version 2 reflects the railway history of the Ruhr area together with the development of its major industries, steel and coal. These are referenced to as Montan industries in the game.

At the beginning of the game there are 8 private Montan companies (pMCs) on offer, 4 steel mills and 4 coal mines. After they have been bought, shares of the seven railway corporations may be purchased.

During the Operating Rounds both types of industry invest in equipment and generate income. Montan companies and railway corporations use for their investments the same set of Capex Cards which have replaced the train cards in other 18xx-games. Despite the Montan companies do not build railway tracks, it is essential for their development to get connected to the railway net! This will enable them to be converted into one of the six Montan Corporations and survive until the end of the game.

The conversion of the pMCs will take place from a certain point onwards before each Stock Round during the Montan Round. The conversion  is only possible when  there is a railway link to the location of the pMC. In addition it is possible to merge pMCs with Montan Corporation.

The game contains 18 pMCs of which 8 being selcted for the starting package at the beginning of the game based on one of the five scenarios. The remaining pMC will take place in the game as well but only with a passive role. Their location may be linked to the railway net and will increase the value of the routes including their location hex. During the Montan Round  the linked passive pMCs may be used for founding a Montan Corporation as well.

The trains in 18Ruhr Version 2 are so-called "+"trains. A "2+2"train for example may connect up to 4 towns of which not more than 2 may be large towns. Trains of the railway corporations may be bought by the Montan companies and become switch engines. The latter increase the income of the Montan companies.

There is an Upgrade-set available for 18Ruhr Version 1.0 and 1.2.