News - May 2023

18Rhl-Rhineland/18LRA-Lower Rhine Area

The Kickstarter campaign has started!!

This version will also contain the 18LRA-Lower Rhine Area. The map of 18LRA shows the part of the 18Rhl map that is on the left bank of the river Rhine. The rules are merely the same as for 18Rhl-Rhineland. However, the other map and the separate set of private companies result in a different gaming experience. For both versions, there is a variant for 2 players and a "Short Game" available.

18DO - Dortmund

Only a small number of copies of this game exist. A new edition is not planned for the time being.

1837 Saxony

This is the revised 18SX-Saxony. The gameplay has been streamlined significantly and there is now only one track type. However, the curved routes and the bridges were retained. In addition, there is a second game board for 2 to 3 players that is a third smaller. The game is expected to be released by Spielworxx in 2023.

18BS - Baltic Sea -  Playtesting to start in 2023

This game is based on an idea for the author of 1893 Cologne, Edwin Eckert. The map shows the Baltic Sea with all adjacent countries. There is one railway corporation per country. which represents the  national railway company. The   preceding  railway companies  are represented as private companies with special functions. One of  unique feature of  18BS are the railway ferries which can transport trains via the Baltic Sea.  As in real history these ferries will be owned by the railway corporations.The other unique feature  is the two different gauges  , one for the eastern part of the  map (the Russian wide gauge) and one for the western part (the European  standard gauge). The gauge for each railway corporation is determined. Therefore they can only operate either on the eastern or the western  part of the map. This limitation will cease at a certain phase when  gauge change devices can be acquired.

Playtest has been delayed due to the work for 18Namibia. End will start towards the end of the year.