1876 Trinidad

1876 Trinidad


Peter Jacobi

Release Date

2019 (2nd Edition)


Trinidad (Caribic)


4 (Starting Package)



Map Size 1876-30

12 hexes ( 18 total)

Off-Board 1876-30


Map Size 1876-35

12 hexes ( 21 total)

Off-Board 1876-35

2 - 3 - 5


4,500 Dollar

Tile colors

yellow, green, brown

Stock Market


1876 Trinidad is an 18xx game which takes place on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean Sea. 1876 Trinidad contains two maps. One is for 1876-30 and one for 1876-35.

1876-30 is based on the rules of 1830 while 1876-35 features 1835. Due to the small map and the low number of corporations some of the rules of the base games had to be adjusted.

Both versions of 1876 Trinidad are suitable to teach new players the basics of 18xx. Nevertheless they are also a challenge for experienced players, combined with a short playing time.

The 2nd edition published by Marflow Games is using the design of the 1996 edition published by Chris Lawson. However it is a RTP version with elaborate game material. For instance the station token are wooden discs and the "Priority Deal" is a wooden elephant. The latter may be used as an alternative to the original "Priority Deal" which is a card with a white elephant.